How Important Is The Right Oven?

An oven used to cook food.

You can follow a recipe to the T, use the best ingredients and put love into your cookies but without the right oven, you are in trouble. Try to bake with a toaster oven, and you will get a bad cookie. Unfortunately, most home ovens are not much better than a toaster oven. They have inconsistent temperature control and they create hot spots that can cause your cookies to burn on the bottom while being raw on top.

If you are serious about baking, you really need to get a serious oven and that means a convection oven. Yes, they do cost considerably more than a standard oven, but they are worth every penny. Where a standard oven might be 300 dollars, a convection oven will start at about 600 dollars.

If you can not afford to buy a convection oven now, I suggest you start saving for one or get a 600 dollar loan. Check out a company like Paid Day Loans, they can help. Seriously though, you will be glad that you took the effort to get one. Here is what makes a convection so special.

Air Circulation

It is as simple as that. A convection oven uses a fan to circulate air throughout the cooking chamber. This does two things.

First, it distributes the heat evenly. This can even out the temperature throughout the oven. With a standard oven, you have a heating element located at the bottom which radiates heat upward. This is why your cookies often burn on the bottom before they cook on the top. A fan circulates the heat and evens it out so your cookie cooks evenly.

The second thing that little fan does is speed up the cooking. You get greater heat transfer by moving air across your food than you do just surrounding it with heat. Just think about ceiling fans. They make you feel cooler because heat transfers out of your body faster with moving air.

Convection Oven Questions

Now that you see why a convection oven works, you might have some questions. Here are some of the most common ones that I have heard.

  • Do I need special pans or cookware?
    No, you can still use all of the same cookware although lighter pans tend to work better.
  • Should I cook at the same temperature?
    No, you should lower your cooking temperature about 25 degrees to account for the faster cooking times of your convection oven.
  • Are all convection ovens the same?
    No, the cheaper models just use a fan that works with the normal heating elements. This is great, but a true convection oven will have a third heating element at the back of the oven.
  • Should I pre-heat my oven?
    Yes, your convection oven does need to be pre-heated for best results. That will result in a more even temperature in the cooking chamber.
  • Are convection ovens energy efficient?
    Yes, much more so than traditional ovens. The lower cooking temperatures combined with shorter cooking times will save energy.

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