Must You Have A Stand Mixer?

Do You Need A Stand Mixer

In every bakery, you see at least one stand mixer and over the years, they have made their way into amateur bakers kitchens. The stand mixer is a very useful tool to have but it is also an expensive one. They can cost anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars and that is before you add in all of the attachments.

But, do you really need to spend this kind of money on a mixer? Are they really that useful? Let’s look into the matter shall we by asking a few questions.

What Do You Bake?

First, what kind of things do you bake. If you bake bread or things that take heavy duty mixing then yes, a stand mixer would prove very useful. If all that you are making is cookies, you might find that the mixer is overkill. Grandmas have been making cookies for hundreds of years after all, without those fancy mixers.

How Often Do You Bake?

Another consideration is how often you bake. If you find yourself baking several times a week, then you might appreciate the time savings that a stand mixer can offer. If, on the other hand, you bake only once or twice a month, that huge mixer will probably only be taking up valuable space on your counter. There is nothing worse than a stand mixer with a coating of dust on it from lack of use.

How Large Are Your Batches?

This is another thing to think about, how big are your batches. A stand mixer can make very large batches so if you are only doing a tray of cookies at a time, it is a huge waste. It is like driving a nail into a wall with a sledgehammer. There is also a lot of cleaning with a stand mixer so if it is not saving you time in the baking process, it is a waste.

Do You Have The Money To Spend?

These machines are great and they look good on the counter but they are pricey. A decent entry model stand mixer is going to cost you 300 dollars and they go up quickly from there. If you do not have the money to waste, don’t spend it. You can get by with a hand mixer and a bit of muscle.

As you can see, a stand mixer is not for everyone. If you bake a lot though or do so in large batches, it might prove to be a valuable purchase.

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